The 2012 NCAIR Conference will be located at the Graylyn International Conference Center in Winston-Salem, NC.
Dates: March 12-14, 2012

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Scott Jenkins

NCAIR 2012 Conference
“The Art of Institutional Research”
Graylyn International Conference Center
Winston-Salem, NC

March 12-14, 2012

I am excited about the upcoming 39th conference of the North Carolina Association for Institutional Research being held in the “The City of Arts and Innovation”. The city is home of the first locally established arts council in the United States and is home to the first public arts conservatory, the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. In this tradition, the theme of this year’s conference is the “The Art of Institutional Research.” Over the past fifty years institutional research has been redefining itself with ever changing tides of higher education. This is still true today with the drive by leaders to make data informed decisions and external pressures of accountability and accreditation. As institutional researchers we use information management systems and statistical analysis in our day to day work; however, institutional researchers must also exhibit an “artistic” quality in order to provide the information in clear and thoughtful manner to decision makers.  How we do our “art” is changing and is being influenced by what roles we are playing. Therefore, it is my hope that this conference will begin this conversation as to what the “art” of institutional research is and will become.

On, Monday, March 12th, we will have Dr. Steve Sheeley from SACS, who will conduct a three hour workshop entitled “Principles, Persuasion, and Perspective.” In the evening, the conference will begin with keynote address form Christina Leimer, Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, California State University—Fresno. Dr. Leimer has approximately 16 years of experience conducting institutional research, strategic planning, and learning outcomes assessment in two universities and a community college. Dr. Leimer recently published two articles in AIR Professional File titled”First, Get Their Attention: Getting Your Results Used” and “The Rise of Institutional Effectiveness: IR Competitor, Customer, Collaborator or Replacement?”  Tuesday will be full of sessions of your colleagues sharing their “art work”.

I invite you to come participate with your colleagues and consider sharing your “works of art” by submitting a proposal.

Regarding conference registration, the price is $150, which includes several meals and your annual NCAIR membership. We will take registration any time from now until the conference, however, be sure to note the early bird deadline. Checks should be made out to NCAIR and should be accompanied by the preliminary conference registration form included in this newsletter.  We also have an online registration site for processing credit cards.

Send your conference registration and fee to:

Laverne Macon, NCAIR Treasurer
Livingstone College
701 West Monroe Street
Salisbury, NC 28144

Pre-conference Workshop

Steven SheeleyOn   Monday, March 12th, Dr. Steven Sheeley, Vice President, SACSCOC will present a pre-conference workshop, from 1 PM to 4 PM, titled “Principles, Persuasion, and Perspective.”  Before coming to SACSCOC, Dr. Sheeley has had over 20 years experience as a college professor and administrator. For most of that time, he was affiliated with Shorter College (Rome, GA), where he was Professor of Religion and Assistant Vice President for Academic Records and Academic Advising. His workshop is designed to engage participants in a discussion of strategies intended to position their institutions to be in ongoing compliance with the SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation, as well as to be prepared to present a persuasive case for that compliance when necessary.If you are interested in attending you may register by indicating on both paper and online registration forms.

Plenary Speaker

Christina Leimer On Monday evening, the conference will start with our opening plenary speaker; Dr. Christina Leimer.  Dr. Leimer has 16 years of experience conducting institutional research, assessment, and strategic planning in two universities and a community college. She has a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems and is Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness at California State University, Fresno. In this position, she restructured the IR office from a department whose responsibilities were reporting and ad hoc data requests to one that integrates institutional research, assessment/evaluation, and planning. Christina is the editor of the Fall 2009 volume of New Directions for Institutional Research entitled Imagining the Future of Institutional Research. She has also published articles about IR and IE in Research in Higher Education and the AIR Professional File. Her writing will appear for the first time in Change magazine this fall. Christina hosts a national listserv entitled Reshaping IR that is intended to strengthen the profession and its influence in higher education.  Her research focuses on two areas related to higher education effectiveness. At the national policy level, she has investigated the culture of higher education stakeholders in order to understand their influence on the public’s expectations of the academy. At the institutional level, her research examines organizational models colleges and universities are using to support an evidence-based decision making and continuous improvement culture. Christina also consults with colleges and universities on developing such a culture.

Luncheon Speaker

Chancellor Harold L. Martin, Sr.On Tuesday, our Luncheon Speaker will be Dr. Harold L. Martin, Sr., Chancellor of North Carolina A&T State University.  Prior to returning to North Carolina A&T State University, Chancellor Martin served as the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs for the UNC system and was chancellor at Winston-Salem State University.  Earlier positions include vice chancellor of academic affairs at NCA&T State University (1994-99), and dean of the college of engineering (1989-94.) He was chair (1985-87) and acting chair (1984-85) of electrical engineering at NC A&T State.

Call for Proposals

Deadline: February 10, 2012

2012 NCAIR Conference

Graylyn International Conference Center
March 12-14, 2012, 
Winston-Salem, NC

The Art of Institutional Research
Share your “art work”
To Submit a Proposal:

Complete the Proposal Cover Page or you may prepare an equivalent document containing all information specified on the form.

Prepare a Presentation Abstract of 100 words or less that will be included in the conference program for accepted proposals. Please include the session title as it would appear in the program. DO NOT INCLUDE PRESENTER NAMES OR INSTITUTIONS IN THE ABSTRACT. If you wish to explain in greater detail, please include a separate Narrative. All proposals should include (as applicable): the objective, purpose, key points, issues, results and/or conclusions, methodologies, target audience and who was/is involved.

Email the Proposal Cover Sheet and Presentation Abstract (and Narrative if applicable)
Subject line:   2012 NCAIR Proposal <your name here>

Panels (45 minutes)
Panel presentations involve three or four persons who present different perspectives on a common theme or topic. The proposal should describe the common theme/topic and the major points of discussion. The proposal should also describe how each panelist contributes a different perspective to the session.

Papers (45 minutes)
Papers should describe a research study or an effective process or technique (quantitative or qualitative), present a theoretical approach to a problem or issue, or review the literature on a topic of interest to institutional researchers.

Software Demonstrations (45 minutes)
Presentations should demonstrate software packages or programming solutions that are applicable to the work of institutional researchers. The proposal should describe the relative strengths, weaknesses, and special features of the product or solution. The presenter should also discuss the hardware required for the software/solution.

Work Shares (45 minutes)
Work Shares should describe a research study or an effective process or technique (quantitative or qualitative), or present a theoretical approach to a problem or issue. No official paper is expected at the time of the presentation, though the presenter(s) should have copies of relevant materials to distribute.

Workshops (Up to 3 hours)
Workshops provide the opportunity for in-depth discussion and instruction on a single topic. Demonstrations, exercises, group activities, and other methods of experiential learning are appropriate and desirable. Proposals should outline the specific objectives of the workshop, the intended audience (novice or experienced researchers, prerequisite knowledge/skills, etc.), the instructional techniques, and the qualifications of the instructor(s). Proposals also must include the minimum and maximum number of participants allowed. Workshops will occur Tuesday March 13, 2011. We can make a computer labs are available at one of local institutions. You may, alternatively, request that attendees bring a laptop for hands-on work and conduct your workshop in one of our Graylyn session rooms.

Conference Forms


Book your rooms directly with the Graylyn International Conference Center in Winston-Salem, NC.
The online site for reservation is:

  1. Click “Guest Rooms” in the left column
  2. Select “Make Reservation” in the left column
  3. Select “Meeting and Wedding Reservation” in the middle of the screen
  4. Complete the online form and be sure to indicate “NCAIR Conference” in the “Notes” box

A Graylyn reservationist will follow-up with a phone call for those who register online
The toll free phone number is: 1-800-472-9596 or you may call 336-758-2600. Be sure to indicate you are with the NCAIR Conference to receive the conference rate (the hotel will let you use the conference rate if you decide to stay there on days just before or after the conference as well).

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