SASNCAIR’s Summer Drive-In will be held at the SAS® Campus in Cary, North Carolina on July 24, 2014.  The following training opportunities will be offered:

Session Descriptions

SAS® Data Management Studio Seminar
Data is lifeblood of an organization. As such, it needs to be healthy and good. Data quality provides the processes and tools to assess, correct, monitor and maintain data health in an organization. Data quality is uniquely fundamental to all SAS Data Management solutions. Through the role-based Data Management Studio, SAS Data Quality includes profiling of records, entity resolution, data lineage, text extraction, data remediation, process orchestration and job monitoring to identify and address data quality issues quickly and easily. The solution also provides ongoing monitoring and process automation to enforce high quality rigor, creating a trusted asset.

Seeing Is Believing: How Institutional Data Comes to Life With SAS® Visual Analytics
This seminar provides hands-on experience using SAS Visual Analytics. SAS Visual Analytics allows the user to take a dataset and explore it in new ways using the power of SAS. With the power of SAS Visual Analytics, users are able to bring forecasts, hierarchies, decision trees, bubble charts, and more to life. Allowing users to visualize their data and create reports, leads to understand and consuming your data faster and easier. In this workshop, participants will explore education data and create visualizations and reports. We will explore student test scores, ranks, and GPA and create a report focusing on enrollment. No SAS experience or programming experience is required.

Visualizing Elon with SAS®
Elon’s Institutional Research department is currently working with SAS to visualize their data through SAS Visual Analytics. With SAS Visual Analytics, Elon is able to create interactive fact books as well as understand more about course utilization. In this session, you will see how Elon and SAS have evolved their fact books from static pdf files to interactive visualizations. You will also learn how Elon is able to understand more about course utilization from the university level down to the student level.

Excel Power Tools for the IR Office (Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power View)
This session will highlight a regional public university’s focus on the new Microsoft “Power” tools – Power Pivot, Power View, Power Maps, and Power Query. These tools provide new capabilities, particularly related to the development of more meaningful pivot tables, and new point-and-click functionality for the development of maps and dashboards. Additionally, one of the new tools offers an approach for extracting data from a wide variety of sources, and allows for in-line data transformation. This session focuses on a demonstration of the “power” of these new tools, including the tremendous benefits to an IR office.

SAS Enterprise Miner Seminar (Will be presented in each Session)
This seminar provides hands-on experience using SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS’s leading Data Mining software. Participants create and profile customer segments on a data set containing census data. Several candidate predictive models are built, evaluated and then compared on holdout data. A new data set is scored using the formula for the best model. This example uses a data set from a direct mailing campaign in the insurance industry. No SAS experience or programming experience is required, although participants should have some computer experience.

SAS Enterprise Guide
“This seminar is an excerpt from the SAS Enterprise Guide ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression course. Participants will gain hands-on experience with SAS Enterprise Guide through a discussion of binary Logistic Regression. Models containing both continuous and categorical predictors will be generated. Discussion will include options for model comparison and parameterization of categorical predictors. Some SAS programming or SAS Enterprise Guide exposure is recommended.”

Session Schedule

Morning Sessions (10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.)

  • Session 1 – SAS® DataFlux Data Management Studio Seminar
  • Session 2 – Seeing is Believing: How Institutional Data Comes to Life with SAS® Visual Analytics
  • Session 3 – SAS® Enterprise Miner Seminar
  • Session 4 – Visualizing Elon with SAS

Lunch (12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.)
Lunch will be complements of SAS.

Afternoon Sessions (1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.)

  • Session 5 – SAS® DataFlux Data Management Studio Seminar
  • Session 6 – Excel Power Tools for the IR Office (PowerPivot, Power Query, Power View) – Alison Joseph  & Timothy Metz
  • Session 7 – SAS® Enterprise Miner Seminar
  • Session 8 – SAS® Enterprise Guide Seminar


The summer drive-in is offered complementary to the current NCAIR members.  If you did not attend the annual conference, or if you have not renewed your NCAIR membership, the Summer Drive-In will only cost you the NCAIR annual membership fee of $25.00.


Register at the NCAIR Summer Drive-in Registration Page on the SAS Website


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